Cosmetic Dentistry

A beautiful, healthy smile can brighten the world. However, if you’re dissatisfied with the appearance of your teeth, you may not feel like showing them. Our practice offers a comprehensive range of advanced cosmetic dental treatments that can enhance the aesthetics of your teeth and gums. Dr. Nadja Horst, our extensively trained dentist, will customize a treatment plan with your singular needs and goals in mind. She utilizes innovative techniques and technologies to optimize your outcome and make your experience as pleasant as possible. Whether you’re seeking a single procedure or a dramatic smile makeover, we’re here to help make your dream smile a reality.

Healthy teeth and gums are the foundations of a beautiful smile. To this end, we will take into consideration functional as well as aesthetic concerns when creating your personalized treatment plan. Looking for more cosmetic enhancement options? We also offer popular facial rejuvenation methods to help refresh your appearance from the chin up.

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Digital Smile Imaging

Forget about biting down on uncomfortable filmstrips or wearing heavy protective vests. Advances in dental technology have made one of the most common experiences at the dentist faster, more accurate, and more comfortable than ever. At Urban Dentistry, we utilize digital X-ray technology to precisely capture images of your teeth, gums, and other oral structures, as well as to reduce your risk of radiation exposure. We use the detailed photos to spot signs of damage, decay, bite misalignment, or other concerns. Furthermore, this innovative tool serves as a communication device between you and your dentist. With digital smile imaging, you can view a 3D virtual representation of the potential results of your treatment plan and make any desired changes before we begin.

Gummy Smile Treatment

Excess gum tissue is a concern for many people, and if you’re self-conscious about your appearance due to what’s often called a “gummy smile,” we can help. Gum contouring from our practice can enhance symmetry between the teeth and gumline, often with minimal downtime. Our advanced laser technology can precisely trim excess gum tissue to make teeth appear longer and your smile more aesthetically appealing. This treatment is available as a stand-alone procedure or as part of a more comprehensive full mouth restoration. Talk to us about your cosmetic goals, and we will develop a strategy to help achieve your desired look.

For more information about our cosmetic dentistry procedure, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Horst, please contact our office today. Our friendly dental team is available to help you.